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One of the major benefits of artificial turf is that it is highly durable and very tough to damage. Synthetic turf stays looking perfectly beautiful for many years with minimal maintenance required. In fact, most artificial turf products are made to last approximately 25 years, no matter how much use they get.
However, there are several instances where even the top quality synthetic turf can get damaged. Luckily, SYNTURF can help.
In some cases, repairs you think you need may not even be necessary. Instead, some simple maintenance like raking or brushing will get your grass looking perfect again in no time

At SynTurf, we offer fast and effective turf maintenance and repair solutions. If your synthetic grass is worn, damaged or torn, we can help! Get in touch right now and start enjoying your artificial grass to its fullest again!

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    A main benefit of synthetic turf is the time and money saved in maintenance. Plus there’s never downtime.


    Our playground turf systems are designed and tested for child safety above all else. Shock pad beneath the grass surface provides shock absorption and impact protection from falls.


    Our anti-microbial infill offers a long lasting and healthy environment for children to play. All of our turf is a 100% mold and mildew resistant and 100% lead free.


    For children allergic to grass, synthetic turf is a great solution. It even helps minimize common allergens such as mold and mildew.


    There’s no need to apply harmful chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers as our synthetic turf has a uniformly soft and full texture that feels even better than natural grass.


    Quick drying surface gives your playground more uptime for play without puddling, mud or grass stains.


    Our superior turf durability is meant to withstand the most high traffic areas, without fading, wilting or bare spots.


    We offer a variety of playground turf options, including coloured turf, for all indoor and outdoor play spaces.